Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wrecking Cincinnati, 7/14/10

1761 Pulte Street, North Fairmount
DOB: 1910
Died: July 2009
Cause of death: A bulging rear wall, defective framing on the front porch, a failing chimney with missing bricks, broken and missing windows, interior vandalism, water damage, litter, and trespassers. Prior to demolition, a tenant was living there illegally with no heat or plumbing.

The house was condemned in May 2008, declared a public nuisance in January 2009, and razed by the City following asbestos abatement.

The former owner, Jason (Burr) Anderson of BJC Investments, was placed into a housing diversion program following a criminal case. At the time of demolition, the property was assessed at $8,300, with the structure valued at $3,690.