Monday, July 22, 2013

Camp Washington first CDC to acquire land banked property, buyer identified

The Camp Washington Community Board is the first community development corporation to acquire a property through the ‎Hamilton County Land Reutilization Corporation's land bank program, according to a media release issued Friday.

The nonprofit has acquired the two-family dwelling at 3063 Sidney Avenue, which has been abandoned since 2008 and was tied up in foreclosure. It plans to rehabilitate and sell the house, and a prospective family already has been lined up to help design and purchase it.

The project will be the 52nd in the neighborhood that the Community Board has rehabilitated and sold to a new homeowner. Since 1975, it has invested nearly $8 million in saving, constructing, and renovating single-family and apartment buildings in Camp Washington.

"The Land Bank is a great tool for local community development corporations to revitalize their neighborhoods," said Paul Rudemiller, Community Board founder and executive director, in a prepared release. "We have a few problematic properties we intend to acquire through the Land Bank. It is our goal to attract young families to live and invest as Camp Washington homeowners, and the Land Bank will be an important partner in fulfilling this goal."

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