Monday, April 29, 2013

Westwood gets $10K to develop new civic square

Cincinnati City Council on April 10 approved $10,000 in tax increment financing (TIF) funding for a pre-development study and design of Westwood Square.

The new square would be built at the intersection of Harrison, Epworth, and Urwiler avenues.

The idea was developed during the Plan Build Live urban design workshops held last fall and is being advanced by the Westwood Square Coalition, which includes Westwood Works, the Westwood Civic Association, the Westwood Historical Society, the Westwood Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation, and several local businesses, residents, and neighborhood stakeholders.

"This is the first concrete step in implementing the community's vision for a great civic space that will attract residents and visitors and better support business development in the district," Vice Mayor Roxanne Qualls said in a March press release.

No timetable has been set for completion of the study.

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