Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Building Cincinnati likely to fold


Over the past three-plus years, I have been working to uncover the development news that you have wanted to read, and I'm proud to say that I believe I've built a pretty good product.

But my savings can't last forever, and, despite my best attempts to make Building Cincinnati a full-time endeavor, it's just not working. Modern life demands a modern income, which this website just can't provide.

It no longer seems economically viable for me to continue spending 50-60 hours a week researching, attending meetings, interviewing, photographing, writing, illustrating, and posting.

It's a very tough decision, whether to continue this website or to end up taking some job for which I have no passion. I am extremely passionate about development news. I love the work. I love the interesting people I've been able to meet and the interesting places I've had the opportunity to explore.

How often do people get to do what they love?

So, I'm mulling it over and spending these next few days making one last-ditch effort at saving this labor of love. I really hope that I can find a solution.

Thank you for your enduring trust and support, and I hope to be back soon.