Monday, February 7, 2011

Uptown Rental Properties plans 72 more units

With two major apartment projects already underway Uptown, Uptown Rental Properties is eyeing another block for redevelopment.

The Cincinnati City Planning Commission on Friday heard a proposal from the developer to build 72 new apartment units on the block bounded by E University Avenue, Euclid Avenue, E Daniels Street and Van Street, wrapped around 88 surface parking spaces. The three- to four-story, townhouse-style walkups would include 30 one-bedroom units, 30 two-bedroom units, and 12 studio units.

To allow for the project's density, the block would need to be rezoned from RMX Residential Mixed District to RM-0.7 Residential Multi-Family District. The area currently contains a mixture of multi-family and single-family residential properties, ranging in condition from slightly blighted to vacant to condemned.

Six homes facing E University Avenue, not owned by Uptown Rental Properties, would be rezoned but would not be redeveloped. The building at 18 E Daniels Street also would be retained.

The project is supported tentatively by the Corryville Community Council and conforms to the University Village Urban Renewal Plan of 2005, which supports denser multi-family housing in the blocks surrounding Short Vine to support neighborhood retail.

Cincinnati City Council will have to approve of the zoning change. The item is not yet on Council's agenda.

Uptown Rental Properties partnered with North American Properties to develop 65 West, a 129-unit apartment community currently under construction on the site of the old Friars Club building in Clifton Heights. It has also started construction on the Jefferson/Glendora Apartments, at 16-unit project at the corner of Jefferson Avenue and W Charlton Street.

Streetscape pending

Pending an okay of funding, work is ready to begin on improvements that should address pedestrian safety and aesthetic issues along the 2600-2700 blocks of Short Vine.

Cincinnati City Council is considering two emergency ordinances that would authorize the City to issue up to $2.5 million in economic development bonds and create a new capital improvement program project account to fund the work, which will include:

  • Wider, cafĂ© style sidewalks;
  • A narrower street, paved with red brick;
  • Reconfigured parallel parking;
  • Underground utilities;
  • New street lighting; and
  • New street trees and planters.
Pedestrian improvements will also be made along portions of Corry Street and on Jefferson Avenue at the W Charlton Street and W Daniels Street intersections.

The bond debt would be serviced through revenues from the Corryville tax increment financing (TIF) district.

Planning and design of the streetscape, also funded through TIF revenues, was approved by City Council in April 2009.

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