Monday, February 7, 2011

Mariemont plan presentation, discussion tonight

Mariemont Village Council's Committee of the Whole will meet at 7 P.M. tonight to discuss the Mariemont Preservation Foundation's draft Vision 2021 plan, a guide for future public and private development in the village.

In the works since last year, the plan has brought together elected and appointed officials, village residents, business and property owners, organizations, and interested non-residents in creating a ten-year plan that addresses 21 priorities including growth of the local tax base, redevelopment, historic preservation and protection of village housing stock, schools, public facilities and amenities, open space, tourism, and government.

The public is invited to ask questions following a formal presentation in council chambers, 6907 Wooster Pike.

Mariemont's original village plan was developed by John Nolen in the early 1920s. While much of it was built as envisioned, the death of visionary philanthropist Mary Emery, the Great Depression, World War II, and pressures of suburbanization led to much of the plan being abandoned.

Recent developments such as Jordan Park and Emery Park have led Mariemont Village Council to revisit some of its long-established zoning regulations.

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