Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wrecking Cincinnati, 8/17/10

1900 Fairmount Avenue, South Fairmount
DOB: 1890-1910
Died: September 2009
Cause of death: A deteriorated rear addition, open and missing windows, weather damage to structural members, defective chimneys, and an overgrown lot.

The building was condemned in April 2007 and declared a public nuisance in July 2008. A criminal case against a prior owner wrapped up in July 2008, with a the owner found guilty and given a ten-day suspended sentence.

In January 2009, the property was purchased for $2,500 as sheriff's sale by Romeo Richardson. In August 2009, the Knox Hill Neighborhood Association learned that workers were cleaning out the building for its use as a motorcycle clubhouse by the "Ruthless Riders", despite the pending demolition orders.

City inspectors again posted the building, and the signs were immediately removed. But despite claims by the rehabbers that there was a court-ordered stay on demolition (there wasn't), the City proceeded to raze the building in early September 2009.

The building had no electricity or water at the time of its demolition, and it's widely believed that the demolition was fast-tracked to keep the club from establishing itself in the neighborhood.