Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wrecking Cincinnati, 10/2/08

2551 Harrison Avenue, Westwood
DOB: 1966
Died: September 2008
Cause of death: Where does one begin? The cracked foundation? The mechanical systems, which had been cut from the building? The unsecured windows? The water damage? The unbelievable amount of litter? The building had a long history of problems.

It appears that the owner, Kevin O'Reilly, walked away from the building in or around October 2007, leaving the tenants to live in a complex full of code violations. A criminal case was filed a month later.

Identified as a nuisance property by Westwood Concern and the Westwood Civic Association, the multi-family structure was finally condemned in December 2007 after a police investigation showed that O'Reilly has shut off the water and electric and had removed all of the copper pipes.

It was declared a public nuisance in April 2008. The property was supposed to go to sheriff's sale, but was eventually acquired by WesBanco in August. Soon after, O'Reilly pled no contest and was found guilty. He received a 180-day suspended sentence (community control?) and fines and court costs totalling $285.

The building was razed by the City using some of the $250,000 dedicated to the demolition of 11 Westwood properties.