Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wrecking Cincinnati: 5430 Madison Rd

NEIGHBORHOOD: Madisonville
USE: Multi-family dwelling
OWNER: Madison Road Real Estate LLC
ORDERS: October 2009, for roof, plaster, water leaks, paint, and flooring. In April 2010, a tenant reported mold, water leaks, and a crack in the ceiling of her apartment. She also said that the building smelled of mildew and sewage, that there were mice in the building, and that the hallway was blocked with furniture. In August 2010, orders were issued for smoke detectors, plaster, water leaks, and defective baths and showers. Two civil fines were issued. Orders were issued for fire damage in October 2010. By March 2012, a new owner acquired the property following foreclosure and the City decided to hold off on criminal enforcement. Orders were issued that month for roof, plaster, water leaks, paint, and flooring, then again in June 2012. In October 2012, the building was ordered vacated following a flood caused by a plumbing problem, displacing ten families and leaving the building without water or power.
REASON RAZED: Demolished by the current owner, which purchased it and the adjacent property in March 2013 for $465,000, to close out orders. Likely redevelopment.