Thursday, April 4, 2013

Norwood zoning amendments promote walkable principles, quality design

The City of Norwood last week put into effect a series of amendments to its zoning code that are meant to foster mixed-use economic development that enhances the city's inherent walkability and charm.

"As a first suburb of the City of Cincinnati, Norwood has leveraged its location to become a major destination for office and retail development," said Christopher Brown, the city's assistant law director. "These changes will further these efforts."

Specifically, the amendments:
  • Eliminate parking minimums for single-family, office, and most commercial developments;
  • Permit high-end residential uses in the Neighborhood Business (NBD), Office (O), General Business (GBD), and Central Business (CBD) zoning districts;
  • Require building located in the NBD, O, GBD, and CBD zoning districts to be built closer to the street;
  • Prohibit parking between the principal building and the sidewalk and street;
  • Prohibit "undesirable" uses, such as pawn shops and check cashing businesses; and
  • Implement design guidelines for commercial development that promote high-quality architecture and walkability.
The changes apply to projects submitted to the city after March 28. Projects submitted prior to that date will not be affected.

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