Friday, February 8, 2013

Photos: Downtown and Mount Adams, 8/18/

The following photos were taken on August 18, 2012, while taking some shots of the construction of Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati and some building projects in Mount Adams. And, well, the final two quirky photos were taken during a lunch at Arnold's Bar & Grill, one of the most fantastic places on the planet.

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1. Downtown. Cincinnati Fire Department Station No. 3, E Ninth Street and Broadway.

2. The City skyline, from Baum Street in Mount Adams.

3. Mount Adams. A place to sit and contemplate on Baum Street.

4. Downtown. Pedestrian bridge over I-71, connecting Court Street to Van Meter Street.

5. Downtown. Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati construction, with the Pendleton neighborhood in the background.

6. Ditto.

7. Mount Adams. Public steps! On Wareham Drive.

8. The City skyline, through a small garden on Monastery Street in Mount Adams.

9. Mount Adams. Carney Street.

10. Mount Adams. Carney Street.

11. The City skyline, from Monastery Street in Mount Adams.

12. Mount Adams. Elsinore Avenue.

13. Mount Adams. Elsinore Avenue.

14. Mount Adams. Elsinore Avenue.

15. Downtown. Arnold's Bar & Grill, E Eighth Street.

16. Downtown. Arnold's Bar & Grill, E Eighth Street.

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