Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Plan Build Live survey asks for advice on neighborhood, development issues

Imagine that your friend was recently appointed to City Council. If she were to ask, what advice would you give her on making decisions related to neighborhood vitality and economic development?

That's the idea behind the What Would You Tell Her survey, now live on the Plan Build Live Cincinnati website.

Those who attended April's urban design charrette may remember the six-question survey, a print version of which was posted on the wall. The survey consists of a series of imaginary scenarios, asking the reader to imagine that they're giving advice on which strategies to use.

Although the scenarios are hypothetical, they represent real issues that cities face.

"The objective of this survey is to get people to grapple with some of the real-world issues that the city is facing and the potential tools that we could use to address those in terms of regulations and enforcement," says Della Rucker, principal at Wise Economy Workshop and a consultant on the Plan Build Live Cincinnati project.

Input will be used in the development of Cincinnati's form-based code and comprehensive master plan, likely to be considered by City Council next year.

Photo credit: Plan Build Live Cincinnati

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