Friday, June 8, 2012

Construction photos: Medpace, Marburg Square, Madisonville, Oakley, 5/27/12

The following 18 photos were taken on May 27, 2012 and feature some random construction in Madisonville and Oakley, including the Medpace office development and the Marburg Square condominiums.

Please click on each photo to enlarge to 640x480 resolution.

1. Madisonville. Medpace, Red Bank Expressway and Madison Road.

2. Madisonville. Medpace.

3. Madisonville. Medpace.

4. Madisonville. Medpace parking garage.

5. Madisonville. Medpace parking garage.

6. Madisonville. Developable land on Medpace campus.

7. Madisonville. 5335 Owasco Street, built by Cincinnati Habitat for Humanity.

8. Madisonville. 5330 Owasco Street, being built by Cincinnati Habitat for Humanity.

9. Madisonville. 4206 Azalea Avenue, rehabbed.

10. Madisonville. 4206 Azalea Avenue, another view.

11. Madisonville. 4538 Lucerne Avenue, built by Cincinnati Habitat for Humanity in 2010.

12. Oakley. 3311 S Sterling Way, new construction on a vacant lot.

13. Oakley. Marburg Square, along Wasson Road.

14. Oakley. Marburg Square.

15. Oakley. Marburg Square.

16. Oakley. Marburg Square.

17. Oakley. 3250 Berwyn Place, soon to be torn down for the construction of two attached townhomes by JCB Homes.

18. Oakley. 3304 Bach Avenue, two townhomes on a teardown site, completed in February.

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