Friday, April 27, 2012

Wrecking Cincinnati: 2521-2531 Kemper Ln

YEARS BUILT: 1928-1947
USE: Multi-family dwellings (54 total units)
OWNER: Redman Properties LLC
HAZARD: 2529 Kemper Ln declared a public nuisance in November 2011, adding a hole in the roof to the mix.
CONDEMNED: 2529-2531 Kemper Ln were condemned in August-September 2011, as the building lacked doors, windows, and window frames. It had been stripped of all valuable metals and was full of trash.
ORDERS: MULTIPLE ORDERS for all properties between 2001 and 2005. Buildings were often cited for fire code violations, lack of water and heat, and water damage. Many of the tenants were elderly, and the hallways had high amounts of drug activity. In 2005, the owner claimed the buildings would undergo a major rehabilitation, but by the end of the year announced plans to raze the properties. Orders were re-issued in June 2007, then again in September 2009. In late 2010, the owner barricaded the building with a flimsy chain link fence. The City declined to file a criminal case due to the owner being an out-of-town corporation. (WHAT???)
REASON RAZED: Razed by the owner to close out orders. It sucked all of the money it could out of the building, let its tenants live in squalor, left the building to rot...and somehow nobody is in jail.