Monday, October 5, 2009

ODOD awards $282K grant for West End site assessment

The Ohio Department of Development has awarded the City of Cincinnati a $282,228 grant through the Clean Ohio Assistance Fund to conduct a Phase II Environmental Assessment on the Providence North property at Central Avenue and Findlay Street in the West End.

The property, located just north of Samuel Adams Brewery Company and containing seven buildings – five of which are vacant – is owned by the City of Cincinnati and several private owners.
The assessment will include the sampling of 15 existing monitoring wells, and the installation of 13 10-foot soil borings, 20 20-foot soil borings, 28 shallow groundwater monitoring wells, six deep monitoring wells, and six shallow monitoring wells.

Data evaluation, modeling, and report preparation will determine the property's environmental suitability and the need for any further remediation.

Sampling has been ongoing at the site for five years, and, within the past couple of years, volatile soil and groundwater has been identified.

The City sees Providence North as a prime redevelopment site, and several West End businesses – including Samuel Adams – have expressed interest in expanding onto the property.

The Clean Ohio Assistance Fund provides grant dollars for Phase II Environmental Assessment and brownfield cleanup activities.

To date, the program has funded 134 projects totalling more than $50 million, 46 of which were cleanup projects that are estimated to have leveraged $500 million and created more than 4,000 jobs.