Monday, August 3, 2009

Wrecking Cincinnati, 8/3/09

6893 Rapid Run Road, Sayler Park
DOB: 1900
Died: May 2009
Cause of death: Large structural cracks, a separated porch, failing window lintels, and a deteriorated roof. The house was condemned in October 2007.

One of the owners called the Department of Buildings and Inspections (B&I) to report that she was estranged from her husband, the other property owner, and that he was living in Kentucky. She told them that the house was "not worth the expense to repair".

The owners failed to appear for pre-prosecution hearings, so a criminal complaint was filed against them in November 2008. The house was declared a public nuisance later that month.

The female owner again called B&I, but refused to give her address for fear of being arrested. She was advised to obtain a lawyer and a demolition permit. Eventually, yhe owners were admitted into a diversion program in early 2009.

Following a second public hearing, the house again was declared a public nuisance in April 2009. The City took care of the demolition. There has been no contact from the owners.