Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sedamsville in photos

The following photos serve as a companion piece to today's story on the remaking of Sedamsville.

All of these photos were taken along Sedamsville's three main streets: Sedam Street, Delhi Avenue, and Steiner Avenue. The old Sedamsville school building and the spire of Our Lady of Perpetual Help are included, as is a small representation of the neighborhood's eclectic housing stock.

There are 18 photos in this slideshow, all of which have been added to the Sedamsville photo gallery.

Thank you again to John Klosterman and Jim Grawe for the tour!

Hover over the slideshow to bring up the controls. You may stop the slideshow by clicking on the square "stop" button, allowing you to scroll through the photos at your own leisure. To get a better view, click on each image to enlarge to 800 x 600. Photos will open in a new browser window.