Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New partnership will allow Price Hill to document, share more history

Edgecliff Press has announced a partnership with the Price Hill Historical Society (PHHS) that will allow the historical society to expand the scope of its work and the size of its audience.

Under the new partnership, Edgecliff will serve as publisher and distributor for all of PHHS's books and publications, an arrangement that Edgecliff publisher Ari Buchwald says meshes with his company's mission.

"Working with them fits Edgecliff's niche focus of regions, topics and causes and allows us the opportunity to extend our work into additional areas such as assisting in merchandising of images from their publications," he says. "This is the first exciting test for the development of a partnership arm based on supporting region content and local interest."

The first joint titles will be released late this year and early next year, including The Collected Old Curmudgeon, a compliation of columns published in the PHHS newsletter over the last ten years; and a second edition of The Games We Play, a collection of old-fashioned games and stories about growing up in Price Hill.

In the future, the partnership plans to expand the venture through extended merchandising opportunities and other materials outside of publication.

"Working with Edgecliff lifts a lot of the burden of the publishing process from our volunteer staff and allows us to focus on writing about our history," says PHHS board member Julie Hotchkiss. "We will be able to tackle more projects as well as ones we were not equipped for previously."

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