Monday, June 22, 2009

Over-the-Rhine, and a little Kentucky

Big surprise...more Over-the-Rhine photos. It seems that I can't spend one minute in that neighborhood without photographing its abundant beauty.

The bulk of the photos were taken May 30 during the OTR Gateway Expansion Tour and a later trip to the Over-the-Rhine Biergarten, located at the southeast corner of Elm and W Elder streets.

A couple of the photos were taken while scouting images for a previous story on a group looking to stop demolitions in the neighborhood (including the Mount Auburn and Clifton Heights photos), and the Odeon Street photos were taken for the Jimmy Heath House story that appears today.

The Lewisburg and skyline photos were taken will doing a photo update on The Views, and the Botany Hills photos were taken while just driving around.

Oh...I was late to this year's Taste of Cincinnati. I only got one photo that was the least bit presentable.

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