Monday, June 22, 2009

Cincinnati considers Morgan to head Board of Housing Appeals

The City of Cincinnati is considering naming Over-the-Rhine Foundation executive Michael Morgan as the chair of its new Board of Housing Appeals.

"Since his appointment, Mr. Morgan has taken a leadership role on the Board and expressed a willingness to serve as the Chairperson," Dohoney said in a recent memo to City council. "Therefore, the Property Maintenance Code Enforcement Division of the Department of Community Development and I are recommending that Mr. Morgan assume the role of Chairperson."

Council created the new board in November 2008, a seven-member body that would address building code notices, decisions or orders from the Department of Community Development issued by code officials from the Division of Property Maintenance Inspections, and waivers from Vacated Building Maintenance License (VBML) requirements for building rehabilitation.

It was thought that the new board would lighten the heavy caseload handled by the Board of Building Appeals, which used to consider such cases.

In a December 2008 letter to councilmember Chris Bortz in which he advocated for a spot on the new board, Morgan said that as an attorney, real estate agent, and property owner and manager, he would bring knowledge to the job.

"In addition, I have been a very vocal proponent of changes to the VBML waiver process and creation of the Housing Board of Appeals," he said. "Having devoted a great deal of time to the issue, I have a vested interest in the composition of the board and am willing to serve on it if appointed."

Morgan's appointment is pending council approval.

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