Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hamilton County planning and zoning releases 2008 report

The Hamilton County Planning, Zoning, and Community Development Department has released its 2008 Annual Report (PDF).

The 32-page report outlines in detail last year's accomplishments in key initiatives such as the Government Cooperation and Efficiency Project, Project IMPACT, First Suburbs Consortium of Southwest Ohio, Hamilton County Climate Initiative, Local Alliance for Nature and Development, Certified Planning Commissioner's Program, and contract services.

This year's report does not provide financials for the Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission (RPC) or the Hamilton County Rural Zoning Commission (RZC).

A part of the Hamilton County Planning, Zoning, and Community Development Department, the RPC provides advisory planning services to the 12 unincorporated townships of the county and the 37 fee-paying member municipalities and makes zoning recommendations to the RZC. The RZC serves the Board of County Commissioners by administering and enforcing zoning in four townships and by providing contract services to a number of townships and villages in Hamilton County.

Both bodies operated at a deficit in 2007.

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