Wednesday, February 18, 2009

West Price Hill nuisance abated, monitored

A West Price Hill apartment building that's long been a neighborhood nuisance has been is getting cleaned up.

The City received a communication from Price Hill Civic Club vice president Pete Witte about Phil's Manor, 4373 W Eighth Street, stating that the 18-unit building was "ruining this stretch of W Eighth".

The communication contained notes from neighbors complaining that absentee owner Phil Yeary was not maintaining the complex and was allowing disrespectful renters to live there.

Loitering, drug use and violence plagued the complex, and more than 80 police calls were made to the property during the first nine months of 2008.

In an update to City Council, city manager Milton Dohoney Jr. reports that the junk and litter on the property has been removed and the abandoned van is being handled by the Health Department.

Additionally, the Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority is no longer placing tenants at Phil's Manor and a residential manager has been placed at the property to control loitering and trespassing.

Dohoney says that the address will be monitored on a regular basis by District 3 of the Cincinnati Police Department.

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