Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Inside Cincinnati Union Terminal

Last Wednesday, Cincinnati Museum Center president and CEO Douglass W. McDonald led a media tour to show why it will require $120 million to restore the building.

An extensive study revealed corrosion to structural steel that has caused water damage and stone and brick wall displacement, a failing flat roof system, deficient flashing details, inefficient mechanicals, and failed replacement windows.

The first several photos, including the Cincinnati Dining Room, adjoning rooms, and murals, are part of a fully-funded first phase of the restoration that will dictate how future phases will proceed.

Of special note are the "plastic and garbage can" water control system and the decayed flashing that can be seen along the rooftop.

There are 45 photos in this slideshow. A full gallery of 105 Cincinnati Union Terminal shots can be seen here.

Hover over the slideshow to bring up the controls. You may stop the slideshow by clicking on the square "stop" button, allowing you to scroll through the photos at your own leisure. To get a better view, click on each image to enlarge to 800 x 600. Photos will open in a new browser window.

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