Monday, February 9, 2009

Taft Center and random Cincinnati

Most of these shots were taken fairly randomly, but there was a reason for a few of them.

The Xavier University shots were taken during the 2009 Cincinnati Neighborhood Summit at the Cintas Center, which I was attending for a story for Soapbox. Notice that everyone's name tags included "Building Cincinnati", even though I think the theme was actually "Growing Cincinnati".

The Licking Riverside shot was taken for a Soapbox story, as were the shots of the Taft Center. The Taft Center space was packed with technology, but the indoor living room overlooking Fountain Square was enough to sell me.

Finally, the Park + Vine shots were taken during the "Forgotten Cincinnati" exhibit's opening night. It was very well attended, and worth seeing for yourself. The exhibit, featuring shots of Cincinnati ruins taken by Sherman Cahal and Ronny Salerno, runs through February 26.

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