Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A note about e-mail subscriptions

A year and a half ago, Google acquired the FeedBurner subscription and syndication service for around $100 million.

Since the acquisition, Google has been warning FeedBurner publishers that all of their feeds would be transferred to a new Google address by the end of February 2009.

While Google will convert all feeds at the end of the month, publishers were encouraged to perform the task ahead of time to avoid any glitches that might arise from an overloaded system.

Last week, Building Cincinnati moved its feeds over to the new Google address.

The RSS feeds appear to be working just fine, but those of you with e-mail subscriptions may have noticed spotty article posting, stories appearing a day or two later, and other technical problems.

The Google help groups are littered with posts from publishers having this problem, but no answers -- not even "we're working on it" -- have been offered.

I would like to stress that the transfer of feeds to the new address requires no action on your part, and I appreciate your patience while Google works out these kinks.

On an unrelated note, a few e-mail subscribers have asked why they can't see the slideshows in the e-mail newsletter.

The newsletter software doesn't seem to support the Java application, so you'll have to click on the post title and view it in the browser.