Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Downtown Tour of Living 2008, Part II

Part II of a three-part series on September 27th's 2008 Downtown Tour of Living includes one property located in the Central Business District and one in Over-the-Rhine.

Following my trip to the McFarland Lofts, I waited for a shuttle bus to take me to Le Brittany, a condominium conversion at 104 W Ninth Street.

Prices for the 2 available units range from between $189,900 and $239,000.

The building and the units are just beautiful, and the building's elevator has to be one of the oldest in the City.

After walking to the Soapbox office to take care of a few things, I jumped on the shuttle bus up to Vernon's Corner at Liberty and Main streets.

These 24 apartment units have been crafted out of historic, once decrepit older buildings and range from between $450 and $975 per month.

While I was not a fan of the layout of some of the kitchens, I did like the views of the skyline, Rothenberg School, and E McMicken Avenue that were available from most of the units.

There are 38 photos in this slideshow.

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