Monday, July 28, 2008

Clifton fighting for promised plaza

With a promised public plaza on hold, residents of Clifton are ready to take their fight to City Hall.

A vacant lot now sits on Ludlow Avenue at the former site of Bender Optical, demolished earlier this year to make way for the plaza that would provide better connectivity between the Clifton business district and the Merchant's Lot on Howell Avenue.

The project was expected to tie in with the $1.8 million streetscape, a project that will bring new curbs, sidewalks, street trees, lighting, and gathering space.

Recently, Clifton Town Meeting (CTM) was informed by the City that funding and other issues have temporarily put the plaza project on hold indefinitely.

CTM has enlisted the help of Cincinnati City Councilmember John Cranley, who his promised to introduce a motion calling for the City to fully fund the plaza and to begin construction this fall.

The motion is likely to be considered before council's Finance Committee on August 4, and before the full council on August 6.

CTM is encouraging all Clifton residents to contact members of City Council and voice their support.

Five votes are required to pass a motion.

A press conference is planned at the Bender Optical site on August 3 at 2 PM.

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