Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wrecking Cincinnati: 4528 Hamilton Ave

USE: Multi-family dwelling (25 units)
OWNER: Hamilton County Land Reutilization Corporation
ORDERS: July 2001, for paint and wallpaper, plaster, fire separations and fire doors. No heat or water at various points in 2002. Added water leaks and damage and roof in December 2002. In March 2004, the property was cited for defective plumbing. A month later, the property was cited for defective plumbing, sinks, paint and wallpaper, water leaks and damage, plaster, and broken windows in Apt. 7. It also was cited for plaster, closet doors, smoke detectors, baths and showers, paint and wallpaper, and water leaks and damage in Apt. 2 and Apt. 14. Cited in May 2004 for unsafe floor surfaces, unsecured cabinets, paint and wallpaper, water leaks and damage, plaster, smoke detectors, and roof. Cited again in August 2004 for fire separations and water leaks and damage, resulting in mold. Apt. 24 was ordered vacated in August 2004, citing paint and wallpaper, plaster, fire separations, fire doors, and a collapsed roof. Apt. 27 was cited for sink, bath/shower, toilet, roof, and water leaks and damage. In June 2005, Apt. 16 was cited for doors, heating, and fire doors, and the owners were cited for a faulty retaining wall. Retaining wall orders issued to new owner in December 2005, after the building went into receivership. Reissued to yet another new owner in May 2006. Ordered vacated and barricaded in August 2007, with broken out windows, no utilities, and heavy vandalism. A criminal case was filed in October 2008, and housing diversion was granted in February 2009.
CONDEMNED: October 2008, signs of attempted arson.
HAZARD: April 2009, but restored to Vacant Building Maintenance License (VBML) compliance and removed from the list in May 2009. The owner alerted the City that she was having financial issues and, facing constant vandalism to the property, decided not to rehabilitate it. Condemned again in March 2012, citing broken and missing windows and doors, a failing retaining wall, missing and vandalized mechanical systems, no utilities, high weeds, litter, and graffiti. Declared a public nuisance again in October 2012. Acquired by the Land Bank in February 2013.
REASON RAZED: Demolished by the Hamilton County Land Reutilization Corp. to close out orders.