Friday, June 28, 2013

Wrecking Cincinnati: 121 Lyon St

NEIGHBORHOOD: Clifton Heights
USE: Two-family dwelling
OWNER: Gaslight Ventures LLC (Uptown Rental Properties)
ORDERS: September 2007, for fence, gutters and downspouts, cornice, soffit, exterior paint, rotten porch, and rubbish. Most of the work was done, but in June 2008 the female of the owning couple had a heart transplant and the work slowed. By August 2009, only the soffits and a couple of minor issues remained. In December 2009, orders were reissued for downspouts, cornice, and exterior paint. A civil fine was issued in January 2011. In April 2011, City inspectors followed up on a tip that homeless people were living in the building and found that the rear gutter, soffit and trim were falling off the building. There had been no water service since May 2010. The property was ordered vacated and barricaded in October 2011. Two months later, a family friend called and told City inspectors that the male owner had committed suicide, shortly after his wife died. No heirs were found.
CONDEMNED: December 2011, adding chimney, windows, roof, and interior debris.
HAZARD: August 2012.
REASON RAZED: Acquired by the current owner in January 2013 and demolished to close out orders.