Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wrecking Cincinnati: 123 Valencia St

USE: Three-family dwelling
OWNER: Reginald Anderson (Atlanta, GA)
ORDERS: April 2005, ordered vacated and barricaded. In December 2005, orders were issued for gutters and downspouts and windows. In February 2006, the building was again ordered vacated and barricaded. One month later, the owner claimed he would begin work when he got his income tax return. In October 2006, the property changed hands and orders were reissued. A criminal case was filed against the owner, but later dropped after the property was transferred to a new owner. Again ordered vacated and barricaded in December 2008.
CONDEMNED: April 2010, after a large sheet of rolled roofing blew off and landed in the driveway. The orders also cited a defective chimney, and a separating rear wall. The fire escape detached from the building and fell to the ground in October 2010.
HAZARD: October 2010, adding broken and missing windows, gutters and downspouts, holes in the siding, and trash and debris.
REASON RAZED: Declared a public nuisance and entered into the City's hazard abatement program. Demolished using Moving Ohio Forward program funding.