Friday, March 8, 2013

Wrecking Cincinnati: 5856 Red Bank Rd

NEIGHBORHOOD: Kennedy Heights
USE: Single-family dwelling
OWNER: Steven and Linda Grieser
ORDERS: October 2006, for hazardous wiring. In May 2008, the former owner requested that the City inspector assign her code of MYOB #27 to the case. MYOB meaning, of course, "Mind Your Own Business". Orders were reissued in September 2008. The following month, she advised the inspector that they should "all get their heads out of their computers" and leave her alone. When reminded that she had outstanding orders of more than three years, she told the inspector to "shut your [his] stupid mouth". He hung up. In early 2009, responsibility for the property passed to a woman who had been given power of attorney. The former owner apparently died, and the property was occupied by her son. In July 2009, a walkthrough led to orders for windows, plaster, insects and rodents, a hazardous tree, the wiring, trash, defective plumbing and fixtures, a lack of smoke detectors, obstructed exits, deteriorated walkways, exterior basement door, exterior steps, shed, exterior paint, siding, downspouts, and roof. Orders were reissued in January 2010. Within a year, the property was in foreclosure. In August 2012, the Griesers purchased the property for $80,000 and were promptly issued orders.
REASON RAZED: Demolished by the owner to close out orders. The Griesers live in the neighboring house and, with the purchase, nearly doubled their two-acre property.