Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wrecking Cincinnati: 1645 State Ave

NEIGHBORHOOD: Lower Price Hill
USE: Single-family dwelling
OWNER: Jerry R. Hunt
ORDERS: July 2005, ordered vacated and barricaded. In October, the current owner acquired the property and some work was performed. In February 2008, a City inspector noted that the building looked occupied, then tripped over and unpluuged an extension cord leading over the the neighboring property. It was again ordered vacated and barricaded in April 2008, with the extension cord still there. In May 2009, Hunt was still occupying the building and using electricity from next door. A criminal case was filed.
CONDEMNED: July 2009, for rotted structural members. In May 2010, Hunt plead no contest and was entered into a housing compliance program.
HAZARD: August 2011, for trash, an overgrown lot, a deteriorated roof, damaged gutters and downspouts, water damage, and broken and missing windows. By June 2012, Hunt apparently had abandoned the property. Neighbors reported men and women entering the building through an open back door at all hours, "staying in there anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour at a time".
REASON RAZED: Declared a public nuisance and entered into the City's hazard abatement program. Demolished using Moving Ohio Forward funding.