Thursday, July 12, 2012

Photos: Cincinnati Union Terminal: Amtrak station and rail yards

On June 9, more than a dozen local bloggers and photographers were treated to a free behind-the-scenes tour of Cincinnati Union Terminal, led by Steve Terheiden, senior director of facilities and operations with the Cincinnati Museum Center. The tour was meant not only to highlight what a tremendous asset Cincinnati has and some of the restoration work already performed, but also to point out some of the estimated $150 million-plus in repairs necessary to fix rusting structural steel and other major issues in the National Historic Landmark.

Today's photos were taken outside along the Amtrak platform and inside at the train service's waiting area.

Special thanks go out to Mr. Terheiden, Cincinnati Museum Center Digital Engagement Manager Lauren Bishop and Social Media Coordinator Natalie Nichols of the Cincinnati Museum Center, and Empower MediaMarketing Director of Marketing Kevin Dugan.

The remaining post in this series will include some exterior shots of this beautiful building, taken as the tour wrapped up.

These 35 photos have been added to the Cincinnati Union Terminal gallery, which now contains 289 photos.

Please click on each photo to enlarge to 800 x 600 resolution, and be sure to visit the Building Cincinnati galleries to view 4,686 photographs of dozens of Greater Cincinnati communities.

1. Cincinnati? Oh.

2. Rails!

3. Amtrak signage.

4. Amtrak platform.


6. Remnants of the demolished concourse.

7. More signage.

8. These next two were actually taken inside. Sorry.


10. Yards!



13. Rear of Cincinnati Union Terminal.


15. As if by plan, here comes a CSX train for our viewing pleasure!





20. Graffiti.


22. Wheels....


24. Another shot of the rear of Union Terminal.

25. Tower A.

26. Our group, with Bishop and Nichols, walking up the ramp used for baggage and servicing.

27. The enclosed ramp has windows meant to look like interior of a train engine.

28. Amtrak passenger access.



31. Light fixtures in the Amtrak waiting room.

32. Bob Schwartz in the Amtrak waiting room.

33. Sitting and catching my breath!

34. Telephones.

35. Amtrak promotional signage.

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