Friday, July 20, 2012

Photos: Catching up with Moerlein, Smale, Elberon, and East Price Hill

The following photos were taken between April 1 and May 16 and have been sitting there, ignored, for what seems like forever.

The tour starts at the Moerlein Lager House at Smale Riverfront Park Downtown. I don't remember why I was there, Perhaps that's appropriate. There are some additional photos of the park that I took while wandering around. The beautiful space was not yet open, but was getting close. People were already enjoying parts of it.

The East Price Hill photos were taken during the ribbon cutting for the Elberon Senior Apartments, a fantastic, award-winning restoration of the building at W Eighth Street and Elberon Avenue.

The final shot was just some random thing seen around Downtown. If you follow my photo threads, you know I'm all about the random.

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1. The Moerlein Lager House and a reflection of the Great American Tower at Queen City Square.

2. Exterior view of the Moerlein Lager House.

3. This was my FB image for a while.

4. Is CarpetLand somehow involved in this?

5. A walk in the park.

6. Parents and kids.

7. People who care about their health, for some reason, crossing Mehring Way.

8. In the park.

9. Oh, the park.

10. Cincinnati puts its best foot forward.

11. HERE is the grand Elberon.

12. Love.

13. Elberon.

14. Balcony.

15. East Price Hill. Purcell Avenue, at W Eighth Street.

16. East Price Hill. Elberon Avenue.

17. East Price Hill. W Eighth Street.

18. East Price Hill. Overlooking Woodlawn Avenue, from the Elberon Senior Apartments.

19. East Price Hill. Looking northwest from the Elberon Senior Apartments, with the steeple of St. Lawrence Church in the distance.

20. East Price Hill. W Eighth Street.

21. East Price Hill. W Eighth Street.

22. Downtown. The Cincinnatian Hotel's "London taxi", W Sixth Street.

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