Monday, July 23, 2012

Photos: Catching up along the Mill Creek, bike polo, Madisonville and Oakley

The following photos were taken between May 24 and May 27.

The Mill Creek photos were taken during a visit by U.S. EPA Office of Water acting assistant administrator Nancy Stoner. Later in the day, I went to University Heights for the opening of the Coy Field Bike Polo Court.

Three days later, I went to check out the Medpace campus construction in Madisonville, and then various building projects in Madisonville and Oakley.


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1. The Salway Trailhead...the following four photos start from the Mill Creek Restoration Project site in Northside and work downstream.





6. Channelized, but new habitats created.

7. Life.

8. A blue heron eating a fish of some sort.

9. Life!

10. Another view of the blue heron.



13. Dead carp.

14. Toot my own horn!

15. University Heights. Coy Field Bike Polo Court.


17. Medpace...on a campus being built at Red Bank Expressway and Madison Road,

18. Madisonville. Rehabbed house at 4206 Azalea Avenue.

19. Oakley. 3311 S Sterling Way, new construction.

20. Oakley. 3250 Berwyn Place. I think, think, it's on the ground.

21. Oakley. 3304 Bach Avenue, a new construction double.

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