Monday, June 25, 2012

Three overlays to control development for 90 days

At its meeting last Wednesday, Cincinnati City Council approved the creation of three Interim Development Control (IDC) Overlay Districts, which will remain in effect for 90 days.

The IDCs, which temporarily regulate the establishment of uses, construction of new buildings, or the demolition or alteration of existing structures, were passed to address pressing issues facing three key areas:
  • Pleasant Ridge, where Walgreens has expressed a desire to purchase buildings at the corner of Ridge and Montgomery roads – home to Everybody's Records and the Gas Light CafĂ© – for demolition and the construction of a new store;
  • The Wasson Way corridor, where recent expansion of the Hyde Park Station parking lot has threatened the abandoned railroad right-of-way's future use as a commuter rail line or a hike-bike trail; and
  • Madisonville, where incompatible uses may threaten neighborhood business district development and plans for Madison Square before the City adopts a form-based code.

Any changes within the IDC are subject to review by Department of City Planning and Buildings staff and the City Planning Commission before permits can be issued.

A nine-month extension can be sought for any of the IDCs in September, pending Council approval.

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