Monday, March 7, 2011

Downtown walking routes to build upon healthy initiatives

Cincinnati's attempt to become a top 10 healthiest city by 2020 could get a big boost with the creation of Downtown walking routes.

City Council has adopted a motion directing City administration to begin work on a series of one-, two-, and three-mile walking routes, clearly marked with wayfinding signs.

The idea comes from Go Vibrant Cincinnati, a non-profit partnership of more than 40 local organizations – including some of the City's largest employers – formed last year to design and implement healthy initiatives in Cincinnati.

The goal is to make healthy living easier by eliminating the most significant barriers to good health – a lack of time and high cost.

By making small changes to the physical environment, the partnership hopes to create a "culture of wellness".

Walking clubs will be scheduled for several times during the week. People will also be encouraged to form their own clubs through an online interface.

Eventually, walking circuits will be created outside of Downtown.

"Walking paths will add to the vibrancy of Cincinnati's downtown area, providing a visible sign to our community and to visitors that Cincinnati is serious about getting healthier," said a statement accompanying the motion.