Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Northside properties to be acquired for road project

Cincinnati has voted unanimously to acquire several Northside properties it needs to continue improvements to Colerain Avenue, a project scheduled to begin next spring.

A total of 40 properties between Virginia Avenue and Leeper Street will be impacted by the project, which includes a reconstruction, widening, and addition of a center turn lane along 0.23 miles of Colerain Avenue and the vacation and realignment of Lambston Avenue.

As part of the $2.6 million project, construction crews will also install a new water main, storm sewer, sidewalks, tree lawn, and traffic control devices. An off-street parking lot will be built to make up for the loss of on-street parking.

Approximately a dozen structures on the eastern side of Colerain Avenue will be demolished.

South of the project area, improvements to the Colerain Avenue, Virginia Avenue and West Fork Road intersection were completed last year.

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