Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Land-banked Mohawk parcels could be sold for $1

The City of Cincinnati is considering the sale of two vacant City-owned lots in the Mohawk area of Over-the-Rhine to Cincinnati Habitat for Humanity for the construction of a new single-family home.

The lots, located at 270-272 Mohawk Street, were acquired by the City in 2002 as part of the Cincinnati Land Reutilization Program (CLRP).

Because the land is deed-restricted for affordable housing, the land would be sold for $1.

The street was the site of Habitat's first Over-the-Rhine build, with four houses erected at 288-294 Mohawk Street in 2002. Three of the four properties have their original owners; one has been foreclosed.

In 2005, City Council passed an ordinance authorizing a preferred developers agreement with the Mohawk Area Development Corporation for the development of single-family homes at 270-272 Mohawk Street – and seven other parcels – but the contract was never executed.

CLRP, established by council in 1996 to return abandoned property to tax-generating use, is managed by the Department of City Planning and Buildings.

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