Monday, February 14, 2011

Funding identified for three City projects

Development projects in Mount Adams, Mount Lookout and Northside will move forward after Cincinnati City Council identified $800,000 in surplus capital money to fund them.

The projects include:

All three neighborhoods applied for funding through the City's Neighborhood Business District Improvement Program (NBDIP) last year, but missed the cut. Cincinnati Neighborhood Business Districts United, the non-profit that administers $2 million in NBDIP grants annually to more than three dozen business districts, recommended all three projects as "shovel-ready" and deserving of funding.

Councilmember Laure Quinlivan found the funding in an account dedicated to the redevelopment of Jordan Crossing Center in Bond Hill. That project stalled after failing to win an Ohio Job Ready Sites grant.

"It makes no sense to extend Mt. Lookout's square revitalization project over 3 summers, when we could finish it this year," Quinlivan said. "In the end, that's less expense and more efficient for taxpayers. I'm also glad this funding will finish the Mt. Adams streetscape this summer, and help Northside convert a vacant eyesore into a new space for the fast-growing Cincinnati State."

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