Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Brent Spence alternatives' noise impacts deemed similar

The project team behind the Brent Spence Bridge replacement and rehabilitation has released its Noise Study Technical Report, finding similar levels and impacts from both preferred roadway alternatives.

Through peak hour noise measurements and estimates of peak hour noise levels in 2035, the report seeks to evaluate the potential for the project to increase traffic noise in adjacent residential communities and to make recommendations on noise mitigation strategies.

The roadway alternatives, known as Alternatives E and I, both include the construction of new Ohio River spans and rehabilitation of the Brent Spence Bridge. Alternative I is expected to result in 55 properties exceeding Federal Highway Administration Noise Abatement Criteria levels; Alternative E would affect only 51 properties.

In Ohio, noise abatement analysis findings showed that five segments of noise barriers, consisting of approximately 4,460 linear feet of wall length, were feasible. Costs would be between $1.7 million and $1.8 million for both build alternatives.

In Kentucky, a 520-foot segment was recommended at a cost of $156,000. A noise barrier for Goebel Park was not recommended due to prohibitive costs and acoustic ineffectiveness.

Opened in 1963 and built to carry 80,000 vehicles per day, the Brent Spence Bridge now carries twice as many vehicles. Estimates are that, without capacity improvements, another 80,000 vehicles per day will be added by 2035.

Construction is still several years away for the 7.8-mile project, which is meant to improve traffic flow and level of service, improve safety, correct geometric deficiencies, and maintain the region's key connections between Fort Wright and the Western Hills Viaduct.

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