Monday, August 9, 2010

Wrecking Cincinnati, 8/9/10

4108 Eastern Avenue, Columbia Tusculum
DOB: ???
Died: June 2009
Cause of death: Heavy damage from a one-alarm fire on April 14, 2008, causing damage to the structure's roof, stairs, walls and floors. Mechanical systems were missing or vandalized. The four-family was vacant at the time, and firefighters fought the fire defensively.

The building was condemned in May 2008 and declared a public nuisance in April 2009.

Emerson Place Apartments, LLC razed the building as part of its rehabilitation of a three-story, ten-unit apartment building next door.

A criminal case against its former owners was filed in March 2009, but never progressed.

At the time of demolition, the property was assessed at $4,170 and the structure itself at $170!