Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wrecking Cincinnati, 8/18/10

2471 McBrayer Street, South Fairmount
DOB: 1880-1900
Died: August 2009
Cause of death: Cracks in the rear patio foundation, deteriorating walls under the windows, broken and missing windows, vermin infestation, and excessive litter. The building was vacant.

In early 2007, the City ordered the house vacant. I appears that the owner was placed in a nursing home. Fifth Third Mortgage Company acquired the property, and sold it two months later.

In April 2007, the house was condemned. The new investors unloaded the property in September to a man who unloaded it just three days after that to an out-of-town owner from Texas. A criminal case was filed in October 2007, but was dismissed due to an inability to serve the summons. That same month, the house was declared a public nuisance.

In August 2009, the property was razed by the City following asbestos abatement. At the time of demolition, the structure had an assessed value of $550.

The house was a neighboring property of the cottage being restored by Paul Willham of Victorian Antiquities and Design.