Thursday, July 15, 2010

Photos: North Fairmount and East Westwood

The following photos were taken on June 4 and June 19, 2010.

A recent story I wrote about North Fairmount piqued my interest in learning more about the neighborhood, so, on June 19, North Fairmount Community Center (NFCC) Co-Director Lois Broerman was kind enough to take me on a driving tour of the neighborhood. We eventually made it as far north as East Westwood, where NFCC also does quite a bit of work.

The final few shots of Downtown were taken from Ninth Street while awaiting my tour of City Hall's green roof.

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1. St. Leo the Great Church and St. Leo Place, North Fairmount.

2. North Fairmount Community Center, St. Leo Place, North Fairmount.


4. St. Leo Place, North Fairmount.

5. Seegar Avenue, North Fairmount.

6. Grove Street, North Fairmount.

7. Beekman Street, North Fairmount.

8. Beekman and Cummins streets, North Fairmount.

9. Pulte Street, North Fairmount.

10. Community garden, Baltimore Avenue near Casper Street, North Fairmount.

11. Baltimore Avenue and Casper Street, North Fairmount.

12. Weron Lane, East Westwood.

13. McHenry House senior living, McHenry Avenue, East Westwood.

14. Church, formerly a Kroger, Baltimore Avenue and Carll and Casper streets, North Fairmount.

15. Denham Street, North Fairmount.

16. Carll Street at Geiger Street, North Fairmount.

17. Baltimore Avenue, North Fairmount.

18. Baltimore Avenue and Trevor Place, North Fairmount.

19. Seegar Avenue, North Fairmount.

20. Denham Street, from Seegar Avenue, North Fairmount.

21. Cincinnati City Hall, Ninth Street side, Downtown.




25. Plum and Richmond streets, Downtown.