Thursday, July 1, 2010

New welcome signs for Kennedy Heights

New welcome signs have been placed at various locations throughout Cincinnati's Kennedy Heights neighborhood, featuring an updated version of its more than 30-year-old logo.

The modified "Yin Yang" design, created by resident Erik Brown, was the result of several years of community-led planning. Brown's design signifies the racial harmony that has long been a source of neighborhood pride.

Welcome signs can be found at Kennedy Avenue near Congreve Avenue, on Red Bank Road north of Drake Park, on Woodford Road near Benken's Garden Center, at Kennedy and Aikenside avenues, at Plainfield and Zinsle avenues, at Montgomery Road and Orchard Lane, and on Montgomery Road across from the Kroger/Furniture Fair site.

The new logo was first introduced at Kennedy Heights' 2008 Progressive Dinner and was adopted by the community council that September.

Photo courtesy of Kennedy Heights Community Council.

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