Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lien placed against Smitty's property for demolition, stabilization costs

The City of Cincinnati will attempt to recoup costs associated with the demolition and stabilization of Smitty's clothing store in Over-the-Rhine following an April 28 fire.

City Council unanimously passed an ordinance to place a tax lien against the buildings at 1425-1433 Vine Street for $115,495, payable in five annual installments.

On April 29, Property Maintenance Code Enforcement Division Manager Ed Cunningham visited the site and determined that the front fa├žades of 1425-1429 Vine Street could be stabilized. 1431-1433 Vine Street were too badly damaged and had already been demolished.

The remaining buildings still could face demolition if not brought up to minimum code.

Owner Larry Ashford has said previously that he'd like to rebuild his business within the neighborhood, but has not given any official word on his plans for the buildings.

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