Thursday, June 17, 2010

Photos: The spirit of Over-the-Rhine

The following photos were taken between April 29 and May 22.

The first few Over-the-Rhine shots were taken during a trip to Smitty's to check out the aftermath of the raging fire. The archway and "smoke" photos were taken the next evening.

Following the "smoke" shot is a series taken during the OTR Summer Celebration and the Queen City Underground tour.

We end with four photos from Avondale, taken during a trip to the Civic Garden Center for a groundbreaking ceremony for its Green Learning Station.

These 25 photos have been added to the following galleries:

These galleries, and those of dozens of other Greater Cincinnati communities, can be found in a drop-down menu in the right-hand column. Click on each image to enlarge to 800x600.

1. R.I.P., Smitty's.

2. Republic Street.

3. Republic Street, north of 15th Street.

4. Republic Street.

5. Republic Street.

6. Main Street.

7. Smoke, Vine Street.

8. Race Street.

9. Race Street.

10. Race Street.

11. Race and 14th streets.

12. New street signage, Gateway Quarter.

13. OTR Summer Celebration, Vine and 12th streets.

14. OTR Summer Celebration.

15. OTR Summer Celebration, Vine Street.

16. Vine and 13th streets.

17. Vine and 13th streets.

18. Trinity Flats, Vine and Mercer streets.

19. Vine Street.

20. Vine Street, approaching Liberty Street.

21. Mural, former site of Empire Theater, Vine Street.

22. Civic Garden Center, Reading Road and Oak Street.

23. Oak Street.

24. Oak Street.

25. Oak Street.