Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More Mount Lookout parcels downzoned

Following up on the downzoning of ten portions of Hyde Park and Mount Lookout in April, Cincinnati City Council over its last two sessions has approved the downzoning of an additional six areas in the Mount Lookout neighborhood.

The single-family (SF) parcels' downzonings are intended to address residents' concerns over the subdivision of large lots to build multiple new houses, a development trend that many believe is destroying the neighborhood's density and character.

The rezoning changes minimum lot sizes to from 6,000 square feet to 10,000 square feet (0.23 acres) or from 10,000 square feet to 20,000 square feet (0.46 acres) – or to classifications SF-10 or SF-20 single-family district, respectively. Both SF-10 and SF-20 require a minimum 30-foot front yard setback, and SF-20, the most restrictive zoning classification, mandates a minimum lot width of 70 feet.

Areas downzoned include (see map):

  • From SF-6 to SF-10: Properties in the vicinities of Earlscourt View and Wakefield Drive, Linwood and Ellison avenues, Herschel and Hardisty avenues, Linwood Avenue and Urbancrest Place, and Dillon and Principio avenues.
  • From SF-10 to SF-20: Properties in the vicinity of West Observatory and East Observatory avenues.
Residents south of Cliff Laine and Spring View drives, and generally south along Richwood and Heekin avenues, were dropped from the downzoning plan due to concerns about the creation of an abundance of non-conforming uses.

All of the downzoned properties were selected following a series of exhaustive studies and public meetings following a 2008 motion by Councilmember Leslie Ghiz. The City Planning Commission approved the new zoning maps last July.

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