Wednesday, April 8, 2009

P&G Flower Carpet installation begins

Installation of the third annual P&G Flower Carpet on Fountain Square began yesterday, and should be completed by Friday.

Workers will be spending the next few days assembling Cincinnati graphic designer Joel Knueven's design out of 24,000 potted pansy plants.

According to the Fountain Square website, Knueven's design "abstractly represents the change of seasons from winter to spring", adding that "the upper, warm-colored circles represent the sun as it radiates warmth to the cold ground, and the lower, cool-colored circles represent the earth as it thaws and winter gives way to spring".

The display can be seen at ground level via multiple mulch walking paths, or from above from the third floor of the Westin Hotel, Fountain Place, Via Vite Restaurant, and the observation deck at the Carew Tower.

Early on April 26, the flower carpet will be disassembled and the pansies given away to the public.

Any remaining pansies will be planted in nearby parks.

The P&G Flower Carpet was inspired by the biennial Brussels Flowercarpet in Belgium.

Since 2007, the City of Toronto, Ontario, and residents of Israel have approached Fountain Square management for advice on creating their own installations.

The event is produced by Fountain Square Management Group and the Cincinnati Park Board.

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