Thursday, January 8, 2009

West End buildings doomed

A group of West End buildings is doomed, so you should go say your goodbyes as soon as possible.

Permits are in route to demolish the buildings at 833-839 Bank Street, all built between 1845 and 1880.

The structures have had their utlities shut off for several years, and the grounds have become centers for drug sales, prostitution, and illegal dumping.*

Criminal cases on 833-837 Bank Street, now owned by Charles Reed, have been pending since at least 2004, but none has ever been filed.

In fact, on several occasions, orders against Reed have been closed out and new ones started -- delaying compliance by nearly a year each time.

West End Day Care, owner of 839 Bank Street, was found not to be in compliance in housing court and was entered into a diversion program.

A promised day care for the four lots further delayed compliance, and, of course, that's not going to happen. Neither are later plans by West End Day Care for residential re-use.

All of this leads to four demolitions, meaning that something in the City's code enforcement policy is broken.

* 835 Bank Street was featured as "Blight of the Week" in the 10/17/02 edition of CityBeat. 837 Bank Street appeared in the 11/27/02 edition.